Managing Account

Asked Questions ?

How can I open an account?
You can set up an account directly from your phone. To start, you just need to download the app and sign up there. As soon as you finish, your account will be ready. The minimum age to open an account is 18.
Which locations can I send money from and to?
We currently support money transfer from United Kingdom to India and Pakistan.
Why was my application to open an account rejected?
If your account opening wasn’t successful, this means that in accordance with our internal policies and regulatory obligations we cant offer you an account.
As a company that facilitates banking services, Jexens has to comply with regulatory body (FCA) to open an account.
Kindly note that this decision was solely based on the policies laid by regulatory bodies and as a result, your registration can’t be completed and you won’t be able to proceed with the account opening process.
How many accounts can I have with Jexens?
An Individual can only maintain a single account with Jexens as per regulation, you could have another account for family members if above 18.
How can I contact the Jexens team?
You can send us an email or chat with our 24/7 support team available by clicking the support icon at the bottom of the app. If you prefer you can also call us on +4407405687115
Where can find the privacy policy?
You can access the privacy policy section on our website by simply clicking this link, which will redirect you there.
How can I log out of the app?
Log out of you account completely by following these steps:
* Tap on your name/photo from the Main screen
* Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and tap "Log Out"
How can I reset my password?
You can easily reset it by following these steps:
* Open your Jexens App and select "Forgot password?" located beneath the password field.
* We will promptly send a confirmation code to your email address. Once you receive it, simply enter the code within the app as instructed.
* Create a new password and click "Continue". For enhanced security, we recommend using a robust and unique password to safeguard your account.
* After successfully updating your password, a confirmation screen will appear on your app, indicating that your password has been reset. You're now ready to go!
How can I make a complaint?
We recommend reaching out to our customer care team , as they can often provide quicker resolutions to your concerns.
You have two options to submit your complaint:
Contacting our Chatbot Support:
The simplest way to receive assistance and find the best possible solution is by reporting your issue through our app.
Sending an Email:
You can also send us an email. When registering your complaint, we will request the following information:
* Email address registered to your Jexens account
* Phone number registered to your Jexens account
* Full name
* A detailed description of the issue.
How do I change the mobile number on my account?
You can change your mobile number on your account page in the app.
To change your mobile number:
1. Click on the name at the top of the app. This will either be your name, or the name of your organisation.
2. Select My details”.
3. Choose “Mobile number” and follow the instructions from there.
How to share my feedback?
We greatly appreciate your input and suggestions for enhancing our product and services.
Should you wish to provide feedback, please don't hesitate to reach out to us via email at the following address:
Your support and contributions play a pivotal role in the ongoing improvement of our product and services. Thank you!