Sending Money

Asked Questions ?

How can I pay my transfer?
You can make payment for your transfers using your debit cards, credit cards, bank transfer. Once payment is confirmed, the transaction is processed instantly.
How is the exchange rate calculated?
The exchange rate applied to all transactions is determined using real-time rates, which are derived from the prevailing market rates on the given day. Whenever you initiate a transaction, we provide you with up-to-the-minute live rates, ensuring full transparency regarding the amount your recipient will receive.
What is the maximum I can send in one transfer?
Maximum transaction limits vary, on the level verification you have done. However you could send any amount from £10 to £10,00,000.
How does Jexens contact its customers?
Here are some key points to note about our communication methods within the Jexens app:
* We offer a chat service within our Jexens app.
* We will exclusively contact you using the email address or contact number you provided during your registration with us.
* All in-app push notifications and SMS messages will always originate from us.
An essential reminder:
* We do not initiate contact with customers via private messages on social media.
* We do not engage with customers through third-party channels.