Transfers Status

Asked Questions ?

How to check the status of my transfer?
You can check it from the recent transfers tab on your home screen.
What’s the refund process like?
Please head to our 24/7 chat or send us an email, and we will log your request to process refund. That will be issued within 24 hours of the request being sent to Jexens and your refund will be delivered to your original payment source. We will notify you when your refund has been issued.
How soon will my money arrive to beneficiary?
We aim to process your payment instantly on the same day we receive the funds. Depending on the value date and time of day it could take upto 30 min on a working day to credit your beneficiary.
How does my beneficiary receive their money?
We process your transfer to the bank account details you provide when you create your transaction. Please note that it can take upto 30min on a working day for the payment to clear into the account, depending on your beneficiary's bank.